Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Solar power panels that you can print

Guys from MIT just created one new amazing thing that is very important for everyone who is fan of solar power panels. If you are interested in these panels you probably also know very well that the main problem of these panels is that they are not cheap enough. well, solar power panels are definetely much cheaper than they used to be, but it is still for most of people and especially in developing countries where they needs them to expensive. Well, these guys from MIT invented process, that can make them much cheaper.
So what is so great about this new technology? Well this new technology allows you to print solar power panels on everything and the method is in fact quite the same as when you print something on your home printer. That is pretty amazing isn't it? Of course it is not completely the same, but it is very very similar. I'm sure that everyone would like to try that at home. Check out the video in the link.

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