Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New device heals burns in just three weeks

Scientists and students from Wake Forest university in US state North Carolina developed new and really amazing device. This printer sprays skin cells on burns and promotes healthy recovery in just three weeks. The whole process starts when skin cells are separated and purified, then these cells are placed in special nutritious liquid that helps them to multiply. After that these cells are loaded into device. Printer is than placed over patient's body, laser beam scans the depth and also the place and shape of the burn and then starts to spray precise layers of skin cells and stem cells. Stem cells allows hair follicles and other stuff to grow in this new skin and patients have then new, normal, natural healthy skin. After this procedure, burns are healed within three weeks, with no scars, no pain from transplantation or chemical medicines. This is really just perfect example of technology of the future.

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