Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New device heals burns in just three weeks

Scientists and students from Wake Forest university in US state North Carolina developed new and really amazing device. This printer sprays skin cells on burns and promotes healthy recovery in just three weeks. The whole process starts when skin cells are separated and purified, then these cells are placed in special nutritious liquid that helps them to multiply. After that these cells are loaded into device. Printer is than placed over patient's body, laser beam scans the depth and also the place and shape of the burn and then starts to spray precise layers of skin cells and stem cells. Stem cells allows hair follicles and other stuff to grow in this new skin and patients have then new, normal, natural healthy skin. After this procedure, burns are healed within three weeks, with no scars, no pain from transplantation or chemical medicines. This is really just perfect example of technology of the future.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Barbie with camera

If you thought that Barbie is in year 2010 some old style toy, then you were really wrong. As you can see in this picture, Barbie has now camera and display. It is called Barbie Video Girl and you can create up to 30 minutes of video with her and then uplad it to PC via USB cabel.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Electric superbike

Hello, what you can see in this picture is electric superbike Roehr. This bike is called eSuperbike 1250sx, it offers 180 horsepower via modified and supercharged Harley-Davidson absolutely revolutionary engine. It sounds that this is gonna be really amazing machine. It uses 10kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and Roehr company plans to enter the TTXGP Series later this year. The cost of this eSpurbike will be probably $30,000.

Sink,mirror and toilet all in one concept

There many areas in the world with great insufficiency of water and this is another great idea that can save really great amounts of water. When you are flushing toilet, lot of drinking water is wasted, but not with this great piece of technology of the future.
This home core all in one toilet concept is designed by Dang Jingwie that integrates sink wath toilet bowl. There is water storage tank below the sink where water used in sink is stored and then used for flushing the toilet. It also uses special tap that regulates water pressure to conserve it. This is really just perfect eco gadget.

Printable batteries

Printable batteries, that sounds really very futuristic, but it is not scifi now. Advanced Materials Innovation Center is developing these batteries already. These batteries are based on lithium polymer and they really can be printed. This printable battery is developed to be used with solar batteries or displays and can be also attached to curved surface. Together with solar panel it can be used as power generator and power storage device. Because this battery will be manufactured using technology of printing, it will be possible to reduce the thickness of the battery and its cost since it will be possible to produce it by mass production method.

There will be two types of this battery, 4V and 2V. The batteries with an undisclosed capacity have a thickness of amazing only 500μm. That sounds really like technology of the future.

NASA is working on electric aircraft

NASA is building something very special these days. Have you ever heard about electric aircraft? No? Well everyone knows about electric cars that are being more and more popular these days, but electric aircraft, that issomething really amazing. It's long time since the NASA build that aircraft that used solar panels as source of electric energy and it was just a science project, but what they are boulding right now looks far more usable.
What is NASA building these days is a single passenger vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (flying is horizonatal) that runs solely on electric motor. It is 3.7 meters high and it can fly at maximum speed of 480km/h. This aircraft was designed for army use, because it is really very quiet and has low heat emission (this is very important for defence against heat guided missiles). It cab fly up to 9000 meters. the biggest problem of this aircraft as well as electromobiles is of course battery, so with today's batteries it can fly only at distance of 80km, but capacity of batteries is getting better every day.

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