Friday, January 22, 2010

NASA is working on electric aircraft

NASA is building something very special these days. Have you ever heard about electric aircraft? No? Well everyone knows about electric cars that are being more and more popular these days, but electric aircraft, that issomething really amazing. It's long time since the NASA build that aircraft that used solar panels as source of electric energy and it was just a science project, but what they are boulding right now looks far more usable.
What is NASA building these days is a single passenger vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (flying is horizonatal) that runs solely on electric motor. It is 3.7 meters high and it can fly at maximum speed of 480km/h. This aircraft was designed for army use, because it is really very quiet and has low heat emission (this is very important for defence against heat guided missiles). It cab fly up to 9000 meters. the biggest problem of this aircraft as well as electromobiles is of course battery, so with today's batteries it can fly only at distance of 80km, but capacity of batteries is getting better every day.

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